Botox for spasticity

the dr. has suggested i get botox injections in my arm and later in my leg to help with my spasticity in my left side which is caused because the avm is deep in the basil ganglia, anyone else done this? please share your story.

I take tizanidine for spasticity, and until now hadn’t even heard of botox for it.

I’m curious to see what your results are from it.

Hi, I have just made last week some botox injections for my right leg, but till now I see no effect. I know somebody who did them and it had spectacular effect, I guess it depend on the organism and personal reaction.

I used botox shots in my leg (calf & quads) 4 times over 3 yrs and it was amazingly helpful. For me, I had mild spasticity all post-stroke recovery (AVM removed successfully after stroke, left side. I did a ton of stretching in the first weeks after shot 'kicks in' the effect', then lots of strength training for another 2 months. The dose worked as the doctor expected, takes a few days for 'full effect', then I had 2 months of stable affect where I was symptom free. I did get a computer-based gait analysis (spaulding rehab) first, so he used that data with his own gait observation to get a good dosage and location which i think optimized my results from the beginning.

I haven't needed it since I started using the bioness l300, for me, I loved it!

So the effect must be felt in a few days... This means that if I didn't see any effect there are weak chances to appear later? :(

sorry i didn't see this, how did it go? I hope you had some relief from botox, was such a blessing in my recovery, I pray it helped you.