? Brain AVM

Quick question for any other inter -cranial AVM Survivors… Although I don’t remember it, I’ve been told I was in a ‘coma’ for 3 months after the rupture. For anyone else that had brain AVM is this familiar? Although I certainly understand the dynamics of how that happened, it is so peculiar to hear talk of those 3 months, and of course not remember that time did this happen to anyone else with a brain AVM? and any suggestion of how to deal with that gap in my life span. Requesting the video from the hospital moniter doesn’t seem like ‘nust see tv’!!! Just looking for company
not Rip Van Winkle

Hi Nicole. I did a search on the word coma for you…


My daughter was in the hospital for three weeks, then inpatient rehab for another month (total of 7 weeks). She wasn’t in a coma, but the meds she was given eliminated her memory of those days. Three months seems like a long time, but it will get easier as time goes on and you catch up on the important events of your life.

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Thanks Tina, that makes sense. For two reasons, probably really doesn’t matter much any way, And, there probably wasn’t much going on worth remembering anyway! hospital and inpatient rehab not being 2 events really worth leaving an imprint on my memory! I will bear that in mind when I get frustrated at not being able to remember events occurring immediatly following the bleed !

Nicole in Ohio now