Brain AVM's and Pregnancy

So I’m pregnant with my second daughter, I had my first little girl in 2007 before I was diagnosed with my brain AVM. I would love to hear from other mothers who have survived through a labor and delivery while having an active AVM. An idea of what to expect and some of the safest routes to take would be great too! Just really scared right now and definitely could stand to know I’m not the only one that’s gone/going through this lol!

Jesica: Congratulation on your pregnancy :slight_smile:

You most likely have had this AVM from birth since it is congenital.
Since you have gone through a pregnancy and birth before it is most likely going to be the same this time, possibly more easy as it often is with the second birth.

There are lots of us in here that have children and we all survived.

Do no worry ! ! ! !

Look forward to the beautiful experience it is to give birth :slight_smile:

I have given birth to three children.
Two was planned homebirths and everything went well.

If you seek pregnancy in the discussion, you will find a lot of people asking the same question and lots of answers. Hopefully you will get the answers you seek.

Wish you good luck!
Positive thoughts from Hanne xxx

Hi Jessica,
I am just replying because I was asking the same question the other day. I also have a daughter (born in 2008) and although I am not pregnant yet, I would very much like to have another baby. I have an AVM in my brainstem and treating it is not really an option (at least not now). I have heard differing things as far as pregnancy…one thing is that sometimes they give you the option for a c-section or forceps delivery to avoid the strain of pushing, and others say that is not necessary. I would love to hear what you think or what your doctors say. I havent talked to my OB yet. But as Hanne says, dont worry! Everything will be okay!


I can’t thank you enough for the reply! I love this site already just for all the people out there like me who, at times, feel alone and are willing to extend a helpful smile or a kind word. My doctors have transferred me to a high risk clinic for the last month of my visit and for delivery! I will have to drive 2 hours for it, but I will be closely monitored, and I do believe there will be a neurosurgeon on hand just in case. I think I would prefer the C-Section just simply because it would be quicker and easier, and after my first child I don’t think the whole not pushing thing would fly very well with me lol. Though I was told it may be an option as well. I am just hopeful for a healthy daughter and delivery and to be able to take care of her once we get home. There are a lot of fears as this child has a different father than my first and it’s his first child. I get scared when I think of the hardships he would have to face if something happened to me. He’s 24, in college full time, looking for a part time job AND would be taking care of a newborn. I have the faith he can do it, but what a way to overwhelm a first time parent lol!


So I have had an cerbreal AVM in the left temporal lobe for 5 years. I have had embolization treatment in 05 and Gamma Knife Surgery in 07. I had a few speech complication while the treatment was healing the AVM but I haven't had any speech spell since Feb 10. I was diagnosed in 05 2 months after I got married so I wanted to plan for a family. But I have had to wait for over 5 years now and I feel like I'm ready to start planning for a family now. I now from my doctors telling me that I will be a high risk pregnancy witch is to be expected. And I plan on having a c section so that there won't be that much pressure on the AVM. I'm so glad that I found this site I feel like I not alone now. I would love to hear more success stories and if anyone has any suggestion on what to do or how they dealt with this. Feel free to email me so I can talk to a real person with the same situation as me LOl.

Jesica: I hope your pregnancy has been a success for you and I hope for the best :)

London Alexander on this site is also pregnant and worried too! Maybe you ladies could commiserate with her. I will be praying for all of you!!

Congratulations! Babies are so wonderful!! New life is such a beautiful thing. :slight_smile:

I have a brainstem AVM and it bled in 2007. I was just trying to research if I can get pregnant. I was told by a Vascular neurosurgeon that I should never get pregnant because of the risk. I really want to have kids so I was hoping to hear something encouraging. Any advice or help would be great!

Hi Jesica, Just wanted to wish you good luck with your pregnancy and I'm sure all will go well for you. Also hope your AVM gets treated as soon as its safe to do so and you have a long and happy life with your kids :)

Take care and take it easy :) .