Brittany in process

Hi All,Had a pleasent visit with Ben early this morning at the hopistal.It was nice to meet in person,but we gotta do lunch instead next time,lol.
britt is getting her angio right now,and doing fairly well with the helmet…It was a bit tough and took some time getting just right…She got lots of shots!!! But is doing good now.She did though make a mistake and looked in the mirror and almost started to cry…But she didn’t and thought it would look great for Halloween after all… OH MY!!!

Well she should be rolling back in and then the long haul for the great doctors here…Will let you all know how it goes…Thank YOu for all the prayers,they were wonderful to know,and sure are working!!!

Tell britt it could pass for frankinstein with a couple extra pieces. lol I am glad to hear it is going well so far. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

All my best

Lee Ann

Hi Pat
Good you had a chat with Ben, its good to put a face to a name, just wish we were all closer sometimes.
Brittany’s a trooper, my thought and prayers are with you, take care.

What’s the latest???

Hi everyone,wow I am glad this is a day behind us now…It was a veryyyyyyyyyy long day!!!(24 hours straight) We got in there at 7am and didn’t leave til 6:30pm.Of course I am sure it has alot to do with how the doctors time themselves.Our nero,was doing surgeries in between things,and not any of them though seemed to have taken much of a break all day either.They all worked sooooooo hard and were just wonderful to us…
Britt is coming around,but I will say it is no picnic to have that stupid frame on for that length of time…Her AVM is so low that they had to tork her many different ways in each one of the scans.She had the gamma done 3 times 9 minutes each shot.She was such a trooper,but when she was in there (I could see on a screen the whole time)she started crying…Just killed me,because I know that she is normally soooooo strong through things.
We didn’t even get out of the parking lot when she started to vomit and it didn’t stop for four hours.The Dr thinks it might have been the steroid that they gave for swelling.So we ended up in the ER again and they gave her stuff for the stomach,fluids for hydration and morpohine for her headache.You know the question they ask when they want you to rate the pain 1-10,she said a million… :frowning: but drugs are wonderful,and she was back to her self soon!!! She also had another MRI done,but it looked good,thank God!!!
All day today she has slept,taken one pill for the stomach and tylenol for the head…She’s keeping food and Liquids down now so that is really good…The swelling is bothering her,seems that is the biggest pain in all this!!! Wish they could use velcro or something else to attatch that puppy to the head!!!
Me,I have ended up with a real bad cold on top of all this and no sleep,but I know it will only be for a little while and I hope back to normal soon.
Thank YOU ALL for your prayers,your letters,your thought,your ENCOURAGEMENT,and concerns…I couldn’t have gone through this with out knowing you all and all the information you all provide so lovingly!!! Ben was able to give the nurse the web site for future patients of hers,so I am sure this site will keep on growing and growing :frowning: :)…Blessings to you all,please keep in touch and so will we…Party in two years or so when the word OBLIDERATE is heard!!!
P.S. Adding a couple of pics…
527-Brittscrown101607.jpg (69.1 KB)
528-Brittwithscrewtightlyinherhead.jpg (43.9 KB)

I"m so glad that Britt is feeling better today! Please give her a hug from her AVM family.

Will do Connie thank you!!! She’s about the same today,still tummy upset and headache,and sleeping!!! But I assume that is normal… I am sure every day wil get better and she can hopefully get back to school.I don’t know how to balance college and all of this…She has had zero chance to get any work done…Oh well,I am more concerned about her health and the heck with school for now.
How are you doing??? Looking forward to the holidays yet?? I know I am!!!
Thanks again for your kind thoughts and HUG!!! Talk with ya soon,Pat

Thanks Lee Ann, She seems to be doing a little bit better today,and I am sure everyday will be getting better!!! She took the bandaids off and it doesn’t look too bad,other then swollen still.Guess she might have to come up with something else for Halloween
Talk to ya soon!!!

I guess the recoveries are different for everyone. Don’t be afraid to call the surgeon if something worries you. They can be very busy, so you have to be pushy. Keep us updated…


Yeah you aren’t kidding!!! I was hoping with her youth,it would be easy…I think it has alot to do with where your AVM is and how much they torture you during the process…Her stomach has always been sensitive,I wonder often if that area of the brain runs it??? Well hopefully she will kick into better gear soon and be my usual Britt!!!
Thank YOU again for stopping by,I mentioned it to everyone too,LOL
As soon as I get back to normal,we’LL have to do lunch… Pat :slight_smile:

Yes It would be nice to be close together,but maybe everyone that lives close to each other can get a reunion together…That would be cool…Hope all is going well for you!!! Thank you again for the prayers and thoughts!!! Pat and Britt :slight_smile:

My thoughts and prayers will continue for you and britt during the recovery period. It is a tough thing to go through. As Ben said don’t hesitate to call the doctor if it does not get better.

Sending hugs
Lee Ann