Bruit question

For the past week I have been experiencing bruit in the opposite side of my head than my avm. I am use to it on the left, becuase it’s always been there. This new wooshing in my right ear may drive me insane. It is so loud it will wake me up in the night.

I am 10 weeks post Gamma, no rupture and have recently started taking Keppra. Any insight? I am having an MRI and meet with my surgeon in a month as they already expect there is some swelling.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hi Stephanie,

If the bruit has changed in intensity or changed sides, I’ll let your team know of that. It might be as simple as you have a head cold, or who knows what. But it also might mean something worse, don’t know.

Let them know and they can suggest not to worry about it, or come in sooner.

Chari’s bruit was known to hear since birth. As a youngster, listening to it helped her fall asleep at night. She figured everyone heard that same noise, so thought nothing of it. After 1 or 2 embolizations, the bruit became quieter. After the surgery to remove the remnants of the AVM, her bruit was GONE!

It’s absence made it tough for her to fall asleep at night. I think she’s over that now, but for awhile, she missed the comforting sound…

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Before I was diagnosed I would ask people if they could hear that noise :slight_smile: Now I know better. I am fortunate enough to have my brain guy as an email contact so I will send him a message tomorrow. We live three hours away from where I am being treated and I was just there on Wednesday last week. Thanks Ron.