Burr Hole Discomfort

In August of 09 I had a sub arachnoid hemorrhage that required the a shunt to be placed. As a result, I periodically have issues with burr hole discomfort especially on days in which there are major changes in the weather. Is there any relief from this? Will it eventually go away and if not what can be used to alleviate the discomfort.


What do you mean by discomfort? Does it ache? Have you tried Tylenol?

Kind of sore and tender. It is sometimes discomforting to brush my hair. I have tried Tylenol and it seems to work for a little bit. Some days are better than others , usually on exceptionally bad days I put put a cold compress on my head.

Kelly Nelsen said:

What do you mean by discomfort? Does it ache? Have you tried Tylenol?

Hi Shamon

I have burr holes from 1993. (I used to refer to them as “pot-holes”…some had gritty pieces of left over bone. My surgery was in my right temporal lobe. I also had a dent in the side of my temple which I ended up needing a plate which filled the hole, and took away one other burr hole. I had 4. I now have arthritis in my temporal lobe area…and some numbness in some area’s of my scalp…I don’t notice anymore when I wash or brush my hair anymore, however, I notice when I go to the hair dressor, when she washes or brushes my hair…so in short, yep, it does get some better…but, it’s still a bit sore…like you, especially during weather extremes, specifically cold.