Buy the WINNING Tshirt Design!- Times up!

Thanks to everyone for the Tshirt orders. However, the order has already been sent to the printer and no more shirts can be ordered. I did get a “few” extra and may still be able to get one out to you. But this will become a first come first served type of ordering process! So if you still want one, let me know which size and I will see if there are any left. And of course it is too late to add your name to the back. Sorry! Deadline was April 6th!

So it didn’t take very long at all for a winner to be determined!!! After nearly 100 votes in just two days, one design had over 80% of the votes! So Ben and I decided to close the voting as it was obvious what you all wanted.

And the winner is....Untangle the Mystery!

Thanks to Christine Wellborn for coming up with the slogan way back when we were first brainstorming!!! What a clever lady! :)

Also I wanted to say thanks to Dexter, the graphic artist who came up with these great designs!

We hope that all of our AVM family will want a Tshirt to help bring awareness and to support our SF walkers in May! Wear your Tshirt on May 3rd and walk with us in spirit!


Great Job! Can’t wait to see the winner in color! I voted!

Great job guys!

Oh wow, I love that second design. It’s absolutely perfect for AVM’s.
I should hang around the forums more. I didn’t even know this was happening.
Great job guys :slight_smile:

Very cool!! I am in the TSHIRT/Graphic business and these are really great!!! I voted and cant wait to get my tshirt… heck i may even make me a tshirt tomorrow with the logo i voted for!!!

where do we vote? because if so I vote for the second one

i voted!!!

There will be men and women t-shirts? But i was thinking even without color just black and white they are still very nice

i voted! i want a shirt! im gonna wear it every day!

Got my vote …I like the middle one.

Brill guy’s you did good, wot about postage as i’m in UK. x

Ya…I kinda forgot about postage outside the US. How much do you think it costs to mail something little like a shirt? I’ll look into it. I don’t think it will be a problem. We should still be able to cover the postage with the $20.
Just go with that for now, and then if it is going to cost a huge amount for a particular person I will contact them directly and we can figure out how to get the shirt there.
No big deal!!! We will make it work!

Well not mens & womens per se…just Adult sized shirts (which I think are really just mens)

Nikos said:

There will be men and women t-shirts? But i was thinking even without color just black and white they are still very nice

The backs are where we will add the names for the members that want to pay the additional $25. It’s our “fund raising” part of the Shirts!!! Plus we will probably have the website adrs on the back as well.

We will ship to you! Amanda said the same thing, and I sorta forgot. I think the $20 should still cover the postage but will let you know if it doesn’t.

Tricia said:

Great job guys, I like the first & 3rd. One question though… ARE THE BACKS BLANK.? So when decision is made we can then send you orders!1… what about postage Shalon!!. I’m In OZ… Tricia x

They are all great but my favorite is the first one. Can I order one?

Awesome ideas can’t wait to wear one!

My vote is in. Thanks for all the effort you guys have put into this. I know it took a lot of time.

The second one, definitely! Excellent work :>

Someone asked about how to vote. Go here to vote: