Is visible calcification “normal” when you have an AVM?

I don’t know what this means, sorry.

Ron, KS

My first diagnosis was vascular calcification in the left frontal lobe. Further investigating confirmed an AVM but it doesn’t change that some of the veins show signs of calcification. Do all/many/some AVM’s have calcification?


I'm don't know the answer either but my last MRI showed calcification behind my eyes. My AVM is at the base of my brain within my spinal cord and I've had a number of bleeds. I don't know if it is related.


I also have calcification but not sure what it means. The doctors never seem to worried about it.

Yes, they don’t seem worried about calcification, but they do bother to make mention of it. I wonder if it’s some sort of indication but that it is a ‘done’ deal, that calcification can’t be corrected or changed. Just wondering out loud.

Hi Stephanie, I have no idea either. I have only thought of calcification like with the bones. It would be very interesting to find out what the doctors mean when they say you have it.

The calcification was discovered during the CTScan and it prompted the MRI. My GP told me that it would have to be treated and she talked about embolization. The neurosugeon never mentioned it but I never asked. I have been referred to a different doctor as the first would not perform embolization (too risky). You can see the calcification in the imaging. Just more questions to ask.

I have calcifications too. No one has ever explained to me why they are there.

Ahha! I asked my neurosurgeon and he said that any time there is an abnormality in blood vessels there could be calcium deposits. It may also be indication that I have had a small bleed at some point.

Hi Stephanie,

I wish I could speak professionally to your question about calcification with an AVM, but from my personal experience, I also had calcification to this extent-A calcified hematoma the size of a grapefruit was removed from the right rear occipital lobe in my first of four craniotomies way back in '71 - '73. I hope all is well with you now...Take good care,


I’m late on this one BUT my neurologist said calcification tends to come with age and is a GOOD thing…that it can shrink an AVM. Maybe there’s different kinds of calcification. Seemed to be a really BAD thing in Rob’s case.

I know this is an old discussion but having calcification myself I looked it up and thought I'd post this, the most relavent part for me was a quarter way down on 'venous calcification', I think that was the sub-heading anyway, my memory not being what it was. Hope its helpful to some.

Ihave two avms that bleed my nerolgist said that all he saw was calcified areas and no avms' yet the hospitals MRI still shows two areas that bleed and. A active avms.who's right? yesterday my sight went double vision twice, which happened years ago before my first one burst. I am talking to my fa only doctor about it on the 17th. Who knows?

There was some calcification.

When I was diagnosed last month my dr just happend to mention calcification which the radiologist didn’t mention in their report I to am curious what this means