In 94’ I had the AVM removed. Have had sz’s since & prior of course. The sz’s have recently got worse & the status went on for 6+ hours. On the CT scan calcification was found where the surgery had been. I can’t have a MRI because of the clips. Anyone else have the calcification causing problems? Obviously, no surgery is possible because of the “old” clips.


Hi Cursed, yes i have the calcification,before they even found out that I had an avm, I had a cat scan and it showed alot of calcification on the left side of my brain,after that they sent me for an mri and seen more calcification ,doc said it was from the amv and location of it,also trhat it was common with avm’s to have calcification,a few months ago I had a cat scan again andit showed a partly calcified avm,doc said that that was a good sign the radiation is working,on Oct 6th I go in for an mri/with and without contrast and a mra, the doc wants to know why I see flashes now on the left side of my vision,so we are not waiting till January for the test, but anyways,yes I have it too ,the calcification, Caroline

With my AVM there was a lot of calcification…I thought it was something normal that went along with it. I guess I learned something new today. I dont understand why your surgery is impossible with old clips??? Maybe someone can elaborate on that one for me?

I assume you have seizures as well? I have those lovely flashes on that occipital area to. For me anyway, that is minor sz activity. I didn’t have calcification even after the 2nd surgery in 94’ & all of a sudden (last year) I had sz’ers w/ Todd’s paralysis for hours. Todd keeps hangigng arounded longer after each sz. The calcification was only “noticed” after the status last year.

My records say titanium clips, but someone failed to put the #‘s of the clips in the records. It was in 95’ that clips had to go w/ the new ones that could be through a MRI.

Hi Cursed,Ive never had a seizure, or not that I know of,the doc is sending me for an mri and a mra because of the flashes Ive started to have in my eye sight,will let ya know what the doc says, I go on the 6th of October for the tests to see whats up:) Caroline

I have several titanium clips and can have as many MRI’s as needed…so that is weird. Maybe it is because they are older and worrying about them moving? but then again I would think that bone would of grown over them and everything would be fine. I had an mri 3 months after my first surgery and things went fine with the MRI. Please dont take this the wrong way…I just dont understand. I hope you are feeling ok and are dealing with all the best you can.

My clip was inserted in 94’. @ that time the older clips were used. By law all the old clips prior to 95’ were removed from the “shelves” & only the titanium clips were used. W/ titanium those clips can go in MRI’s safely. All clips, replaced hips, legs, etc. w/ any device have #'s on them. Kinda like a social security #. My records have no #'s, so anything else may have been added along w/ the titanium. So unless there are #'s or records w/ #'s there is no way to know if the clips are made w/ ONLY titanium. I’ve tried to con a few Dr’s to let me get the MRI just to see if I’ll get fried or not, but haven’t found the right gullable Dr. yet. We could all lay down the bets & see who loses & who rakes in some cash. :slight_smile:

Ok…I totally understand that now. That really sucks for you! you would think there would be something they could do about it. I’m sorry


Hi Stacee,I had the calcification long before the avm got treated,I had a car accident ,a little fender bender, and had a cat scan,thats when they found the calcification,then came mri’s and then the avm,the doctor told me calcification goes hand in hand with brain avm’s,that was my doctor,but also because the avm stops the blood from going into certain places in the brain and kills the tisseu and sometime causes calcification to develop,will thats from my doc,so many doctors say so many different things ya know. Caroline

o that makes since regarding the blood flow

No calcification was found before & shortly after the 2nd surgery in 94’. I always get copies of CT scan & it was not until 2-3 years ago the calcification mildly showed up. Last year after the status a large calcification showed up & I imagtine the calcification has grown more recently. On the weekend I had another long sz… I will pick up the records later & see what the damage is.

Hello Cursed Interesting that I can not find mention of calcification in my medcal records, on my list of new questions. You are braver than I am with MRI. Was forced to have many after surgery but will not go in now, even with my titanium clips. I don’t have siezures (even when dr…s attempt to force one) but I hope you are coming through this as best you can. Sounds like very hard work for you and you must be a very brave, intelligent and strong soul to have come so far. Thanks for sharring info. Be good to you. Take care of you.