Can a AVM spread through out your body

I'm new to this site having being told by my consultant that there were only three other people in the UK who had been diagnosed with intersmuscular AVM- I assumed that there would be no site like this- 6/7 years on it's great to find a site like this.
Really a few things that were said to me have stuck with me and I can't help but worry about them.
My consultant also said I should be thankful that the AVM wasn't in my heart or my brain and I should hope it wouldn't spread- the concept of it spreading to these areas has worried me ever since. Was just wondering if any can clarify if this is true?
My AVM is in my left leg from my ankle to my knee.
Thanks :)

Hi Moburn. There is a sub-group here you may wish to join...
Tons of good info there! Welcome to the site!