Can anyone tell me why i cant show emotions?

i simply put: cant show what im feeling. i feel so sad i want to cry (sometimes i try to cry) no matter how hard i try, or dont, i cant cry. laughing…dont get me started i laugh silently then snort…gross!! i just dont get it. it all started after the bleed?!?

before the bleed it was all natural for me…its like i have to force myself to laugh nd it is obnoxius…not at all like “normal”.

Hi, Ashley- the brain is a funny thing, and the doctors are still a bit unsure about what functions are where up there. If you read about the hypothalamus (the location of your avm) it seems that moods are controlled there as well as automatic responses of the body. So, it may be that the emotional ‘trigger’ got messed up with the bleed.

Part of it is also part of growing older for some people. I used to cry at the Folger’s coffee commercials, but rarely can work up enough emotion to cry as I get older.

that actually makes a lot of since…thnx


Hi Ashley
since the bleed i am the complete opposite i cried a lot and now with my mum passing away I am a complete wreck the doc has put me on Fluoxetine to try calm me down. I never cried or got upset before this stupid avm thing. Never mind onwards and upwards, take care

Since my bleed and the removal of my AVM it seems like my emotions are so much easier. I can cry about the simplest of things…no matter how hard I try not to. It has now been 7 months since my mom passed away and I still cry just thinking about her. I cry when I realize how different I am, I cry when I get sleepy, I cry when I feel lonely, and when my dad snaps at me about something dumb. It seems like any little things hurts my feelings or breaks my heart. Before my surgery I cried but not no where near as often. So what you have going on…is really weird because I would think it would be the complete opposite. Just from my experiences and hearing from others before and after my surgery and how their emotions were effected. I think you should put this on a list to discuss with your doctors.

Hi Ashley i do not have an avm but my son dose, i do however suffer from depression and when i first found out about my babies’ condition he was only 3 months old some people around me told me i had to stay strong, so i did not cry and now i have become emotionally blocked. Do you think the same thing may be happening to you, have you had to supress your emotions, or have you tried to hold them back, because then you can become blocked emotionally and mentally and can not allow your self to cry even when you try. Luke is now 3 and i have only just started to weep, now it comes upon me without me knowing or trying, but if i am feeling very sad and want to cry i can not. This has been a result of me holding my emotions in for to long and now they just escape. Sometimes i do not even know i have tears comming out of my eyes. Oh beleive me though, for months and months i cried on the inside, i had this very hollow and heavy feeling and i was crying just without the tears. Have you experienced feelings like these?? I would love to have a chat with you.

my avm is onthe frontal lobe and is quite large am on sertraline for the same thing never felt content worried about stuff people take in there stride its now 18 mths since i had mine done and i feel fine is looking up and bright and i am happy . can you remember a song by lena martel that broke me to tears ONE DAY AT A TIME think its called think it was telling me summat anyway hang in there for me its all good now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx