Can I demand copies of scans from UK hospitals?

I have been in and out of various hospitals with siezures etc and never thought of requesting copies of MRI’s etc before reading here about people having copies of scans on CD or is it just in the US this is possible?
Would like to know if anyone from UK has asked for copies and if they have been given them?

Brian I am from the US , but I didn’t know I could get my films ,: scans : until I went for doctor visit and he asked if I had then .You might call where it was done and ask!

Also ask for the report .That is the information you can read that says if there are any changes .

Hi Kevin I always ment to do it but never got round to it
I’m from UK as well and yes you can ask for copies as they are your medical records
You can get a copy of the letter on the internet its called a ‘Subject Access Request’ or a ‘SAR’ letter
Think its can take weeks and weeks but you get them…