Ccm free!

My surgery went great! they were able to succesfully remove everything and my surgeon was kind enoungh to photograph it for me! I spent 5 days in the hospital due to some issues with not being able to swallow. I have a very mild case of Apraxia which im going to speech therapy for. It should resolve on its on with the sometime. I got my staples out today and got the okay to go back to work and drive(once off the vicodin been 24 hrs so far). It has almost been two weeks and im starting to feel like myself again!

Super Hurrah!

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your good news.


Glad to hear every went well

Congratulations, suzq!!!

Welcome back, SuzQ! I have been checking in every morning hoping to see your post. So glad to hear that everything went so well. Any chance you ended up with Michelle for your therapy at Hoag?

That's great news suzq618! Stay strong and positive...That really helps!

So happy for you suz618....congratulations!!!!