Cerebral Angiogram

I go in this Thursday to have my cerebral angiogram done, not really sure what to expect, but I trust my doctor & I just want this to be done. Will let y'all know how things turn out.

Hi Lori. I just had my second one done, and seriously the anticipation was the worst part. I'm a whimp and totally stressed out, but compared with say, childbirth or even having my appendix out, just. not. that. bad! I was told to rest for 2 days afterward though. Not sure why your boss thinks you can be back the same day. Sitting was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Best of luck! You can do this.

My boss has since changed her way of thinking. Like I said I will have this done on Thursday, I took off Friday, Saturday & Sunday also. I told her I would let her know if I needed anymore. There had been talk of me getting a promotion to a 4th key holder in my store after all this medical stuff was done, but things changed last week when our 3rd key holder quit, so last Friday I was promoted to 3rd key holder. Which I love the added responsibility and all, but they want me to limit my time off. I just don’t get it. I don’t want to miss any more work then I have to but my health does come first. So if need be I will get a doctors note if I need to limit what I do.

I am really glad this site is here, it helps me to release some of the stress I have with my job.