Check Your Old OTC Medications for Phenylpropanolamine

I just heard from a friend that he lost his mother because she took some very old Alka Seltzer cold medication and it caused a brain hemmorhage. The F.D.A. recalled the ingredient phenylpropanolamine years ago.

Look through your cabinets for any old cold medicines or appetite suppressants (Triaminic, Alka Seltzer, Dexatrim, Dimetap, Robitussin, etc). The ingredient has been known to cause stroke or brain hemmorhage, especially in women from their early 20’s to age 49.

The recall was voluntary as the study showed the risk to be just under 16%, and most of the drug manufacturers took it out of their medicines, but we should be cautious nonetheless. We don’t need any more reasons for our brain to bleed.

You can get more information about it on the FDA website.

Excellent reminder, Kat!
Author, Julia Fox-Garrison had a hemorrhagic stroke from a cold med w/this ingredient prior to the recalls…