Clinical Trials - National Institutes of Health

I was part of a clinical trial 11 years ago at National Institutes of Health for my AVM removal and treatment on my spine. The landscape of physicians that do these procedures has grown tremendously since then from what I am reading round the site. The AVM trials program was in it’s infant stages and it has grown since. They used to be only held at their campus in Maryland, however now that more surgeons over the years will perform these surgeries, private practices and centers in various parts of the country will receive funding to treat the rarest of avm disorders. Here is a link to the most current.

Maybe they can treat yours - Oh yeah…and it’s FREE

Think you Steve for the information .Its information like this that makes this site so valuable By the way that scar you have is wild looking . Is it true chick did scars lol gordon

This a good think tank and if it helps one person then it is a grand slam.

The scar would have been a lot cleaner if they didn’t use staples. Neuro surgeons aren’t too concerned with cosmetics as we all know:) That was the most uncomfortable sensation i have ever gone through with them pulling them out and I passed out.

I totaly agree on the grand slam ! Cleaner not me I’d would wear it like a badge of courage ! Man that scar is better then a coffee table book . lol Sorry I just forget my self some times . Pass out I can see that cya Gordon