Cold feet?

Ever since I had gamma knife, I have had periodic cold feet (indoors during regular temperatures.) Since it was winter in Minnesota, I thought nothing of it. Now it is in the 50s, and my feet are still FREEZING. So cold I can’t sleep. So cold that they are numb (as if I was out in the snow). Today, I was in the grocery store, wearing shoes and socks and my feet were painfully cold. I found a discreet place, took off a shoe and sock, and my feet looked all mottled (pink and white), felt freezing, but when I touched them with my hand they were normal temperature. Am I insane?

Yes, Marilyn, you are insane–talking to yourself and taking off your shoe and sock in the grocery.

LOL You’re funny, Marilyn! I haven’t had this problem, but I’m glad that you are finding the humor in it!

Hey Marilyn,
I didnt have the gamma Knife treatment but after my operation i noticed that some of my finger tips would get really cold for no reason,i know fingers are diff to feet but meh.
Get yourself a hot water bottle for when your at home maybe?
Mine are fine now,i dont think youve got anything to worry about,
Take care,Theo :slight_smile:

HI Marilyn,
Insane…never. Target has a great sale on these cute slippers that really keep your feet warm. Only two bucks. I’ll tell you, if i have cold feet my whole body gets cold! that why I hate the winter. Go get some fuzzes for your feet. …
Sending Angel light and love …d

Insane Hmmmmm
Yup Marilyn you are bonkers. But seriously my on left foot always feel cold and tingle - have sexy fuzzy bed socks. Hey that’s probably the first regeret I’ve ever thought of for flinging out ex over 3 years ago, no one to warm feet up on :wink:

hehe, I worry to about everything sence I had radiation for my avm theree months ago, I think your ok…:slight_smile:

Ur not insane…how ever i never heard tis b4 but I had problems wit temp too after i first had haemorrhage. I cant even stand d sunlight from the window which is 4m away. I had fan hittin me directly the whole time. It lasted about 2-3 weeks.

This morning three of the toes on my left foot were freezing, completely white and numb. The rest of my feet felt fine and were normally colored. Again, when I touched the freezing toes with my hand, they are warm to the touch. It’s definately not normal…I am going to make a neurologist appointment soon to follow up from the gamma, maybe he can shed some light on this. Thanks to everybody for responding!

Hope everything goes with ur neurodoctor…Good Luck… Sounds like ur feet is getting better… 3 more toes to go…