Complications from spinal angiogram?

I was just wondering what if any complications people have had from having spinal angiograms. I’ve heard that they are pretty safe, but then I’ve also heard of a lot of people having complications, so I’m curious what your stories are.


Hi Kathy,

I’ve had several spinal angiograms and other than a lot of bruising and some soreness afterwards, I’ve never had any complications from them.

I’ve had to be awake for one of them, though I was given something to relax me to the point that I didn’t care much what was going on, and didn’t remember most of it after. During that one I had sudden pain on one area of my back, and thought I was having spasms. But they told me it wasn’t a spasm but rather I was feeling where they had the catheter placed. It didn’t last long, and they gave me more medication for pain and to help stay relaxed as I needed it.

I was given general anesthesia for the others, which was great. I did have to be intubated for those though, so my throat was sore for a little while after, and there was still the tenderness in my groin, just above the thigh, where they went in. They’d tried to go in through the left side, since they’d had to use the right side a couple of times before. But for some reason they weren’t able to get the catheter to go into the left side and had to use the right side again. Because of that both sides were a lot more sore than the other times and there was more bruising. But it wasn’t too bad, and of course they gave me something for pain.