Im sure I read on someones page that an AVM can grow back?? Please tell me I’m wrong!!

I seem to remember reading that somewhere too and I did a google search shortly after. I wasn’t able to find anything in any of the medical AVM information that I came across that said AVM’s could grow back. I’ll be curious to read the responses and see if any members have had personal experiences with AVM’s returning. It may be such a rare thing that it isn’t even mentioned in medical journals.

Christine W.

If the entire thing is not removed during surgery it can regrow… It seems to happen less with Brain AVM’s than extremity AVM’s. Not exactly sure the reason behind that. Maybe when the doc does Brain surgery they are just more thorough??? Or the Brain ones tend to be more centralized than the extremity ones which invade lots of different tissue… I don’t know.

It doesn’t seem to happen often with brain ones, but it does happen. :frowning:

Like Shalon said if there is any residual it can incorporate new feeders and begin to enlarge or grow. This is what happened with Andrew. It went from a haze on the angiogram to approx. 2cm with two new feeders in six 6 months. They did tell me that especially with kids an AVM can develop, but it is rare. I guess that is why they contiue to monitor people for years after.

I have herd the same as many it only returns in rare cases and in young cases where the body is still developing. Mine will be ten years in April but than again I havt seen a nuro for about 4 years. All they typically would say is status quo carry on. I know Ben has been much longer even than Mine. I’m looking forward to visit with Andrews Mom At St Joesph in march just to ask to pull the records. I don’t even know what procedure I hear others say Gama or radiation. I do know that they cauterized mine after removal it was during some part of that that I stroked out on them. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you girl hang in there

Thanks for your msges everyone, I’m going to keep my fingers and toes crossed!I know my results showed there to be no further avm so I’ll keep praying that it stays that way. :slight_smile: