Continuing The Fight

Well just received the call my sixth embolization is scheduled for Setember 28th. This will not be my last but one more step in the fight to hopefully oblietate this AVM of mine. As I look back I realized what a wonderful life I have even having to deal with my AVM since I was eleven. Yes I have gone through alot of pain and struggles but am so grateful for what I have, two wonderful children, four precious grandchildren, a very supportive family and most of all my wonderful loving husband who has been by my side for the past 28 years. My fight to try and obliterate my AVM started seven years ago, I had five embos and two radiations so far and know more embos and radiation to go but having my friends here on this site has given me so much support and has helped me think more of the positive than the negative and I could not thank you enough. Each of us have a different journey and know with the love, support, positive thinking and the will power we will succeed. Even if they are unable to obliterate mine I know I have met alot of good dear friends and learned a vauable lesson in life "Live each day happy and cherish what you have". OK getting a little muchie lol but anyway just wanted everyone to know stay strong and never give up! I won't!

Lee An

Lee Ann Dam right you aren’t giving up! I ddin’t and lets be more positive your AVM WILL WILL WILL be oblierated…Dr. rossenwasser is great Lee Ann and I am going to try to come see you…you lucky person…hey everyone looks good while on pain meds. I love you so much and want and will make sure you get the best…God is good and we will are survivors. Keep Spring 2011 open big fund raiser for Jefferson! We are going to oblierate ALL avms…Keep fighting the fight woman! I love you! xoxo Mare

Lee Ann, I love this post. Such a great way to show all of the wonderful things that still exist in our lives despite those three little letters. Your story of friends, family, living, fighting, and continuing on your journey is one that shows the true spirit of this message board, of the SURVIVOR!
I love it. Hope your embo goes well next month and becomes another wonderful chapter of your AVM story.

Mare you know I love you to girl and I will not give up the fight! I can’t wait to do a fund raiser for Jefferson or AVM’s in general. Dr. Rosenwasser is GREAT he did wonders this last embo and it makes me feel good for the next. xoxoxox

Shalon thank you so much for your post. It really touched my heart to know it helps everyone to know we are SURVIVORS!