Cracking Noises

You know the annoying sound you hear when someone cracks their knuckles? Does anyone else hear that noise when they turn their head? It’s kind of freaky and I don’t know ho to explain how it feels…not really painfull, but weird somehow.


No, for me it is more like a crack…or a twig snapped in two.


when i move my head i hear it in my back of neck like cracking noise, like the disks are cracking yuk!

Savinder, that relieves me so much! I was afraid it was a sign of something else bad from this AVM.

Yeah,i have this crack in my neck too,all the time.Its very loud :stuck_out_tongue:


hav u heard of head cracking jokes before? just kidding. after my surgery…my head was cracking too…i was imagining my skulls tryin to fit into each other… it doesnt hurt or anything…after about a month plus…it started to go away…

That’s exactly what it’s like, Rhoda…except that I haven’t had surgery!

Hi Connie, a few weeks ago, I started getting a cracking noise in my right ear, my avm is on my left side, from that time on I now have ear pain deep inside the ear, but it only happened the one night ,the crackling noise, but the pain in and behindthe ear is still there, I see a nero doc this thursday, Let me know what your doc says k, Hope your doing much better, Caroline

My back and neck, even arms and legs sometimes have made weird cracking noises. When I was doing PT in college, the guy even said my back seemed to crack more than normal, but they couldn’t find anything wrong in that area, and apparently its the disks and joints releasing gas or something. It happens more in some people than others. Its really weird though.

Without wanting to freak anyone out - most of my joints creak, crackle and pop as well; some more and some less. When my knee pops it can sometimes sound like a medium size twig breaking, must most of the time it just makes ‘that grinding noise’. My knee troubles started when I was a teenager but by now most of my joints make some noise or other.
Amanda, does the neck pain stop for a while when your neck has ‘cracked’ (as weird as that sounds!)? It does for me, also with the lower back and of course the knee. I’ve had many x-rays in my life to determine where my pains came from but there was never anything more abnormal than some discs in my lower spine being a little bit too close to one another.
A guess of mine is: I don’t get enough, if any, gelatine in my diet! Anyone’s thoughts on that?