Craniotomy gone very .......,well..... thankfully!

It all happened at Macquarie Hospital Ryde on Nov
18 at Ryde… All the people I needed were there except one!!!

That was my little one Miley moo xxxxxx see you tommorrow ya lil freak!!!

Woo hoo…doing the happy dance for you!! YAY!!!

That's GREAT news Leona. Thanks for posting this, you made me smile. :)

So very HAPPY to hear from you Leona and am even more excited to hear directly from you that we can now celebrate another AVM "bye-bye" --- YIPEEEEEEE, YAHOOO and most important, God Bless :)!!!!!

Time for you and your family to celebrate!!!


Awesome news!! Congratulations on the next step of the rest of your life!

Something else to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving holiday!! And every day!