Craniotomy on Friday

I had my surgery moved up from December 2nd to November 13th( this Friday). I’m very anxious and worried. I know it’s normal to be anxious, but I’m feeling a little over whelmed. I hope everyone is doing well!! -Casey

A lot of times, waiting is the hardest part. You should view it as you are getting a one month jump on recovery!

Best wishes,
Ron, ks

Hi Casey,

Hope everything goes well with the surgery and the recovery afterward. Thanks for your well wishes for us as well.

Take care,


Hi Casey,

Sending you best wishes on friday, I’m sure it will go smoothly. Good news that it’s in a good location. I didn’t know until my AVM until post-surgery, (mine was also fairly small and in a good location), and I was actually only on pain meds for about a week post-surgery then it was just tylenol actually, for the most part for pain. Brain surgery is a scary thing, but neurosurgeons are the best.

btw, if you weren’t scared and anxious, then there’d be something wrong LOL. I highly recommend good uplifting music and deep, relaxing breaths. Though you don’t need it, my good wishes, thoughts and prayers are with you on friday. Quick recovery to you!!

Hang in there Casey. It is perfectly normal to feel very overwhelmed. These neurosurgeons are the cream at the top of the medical profession. Feel anxious and a little overwhelmed, but also know this craniotomy can lead to a full blown cure. Take care.

Hello Casey,
I agree with Sharyn, especially the music part. The Flute is very uplifting,or any type of music that brings back happy days.
prayers to you from all of us.

have a happy day!

Oh, how nice to have your date moved up! I was terrified when Dani had her craniotomy, but I also felt like it was the beginning of our new life - Getting rid of the AVM Monster. I wish you the best!

look at it this way, you dont have to worry for weeks now. i wish you the best. hopefully the anxiety is the worst of it.

Hi Casey~~~ Good luck on Friday its better that it was moved up and not pushed back! I will pray for the surgery and a good recovery :slight_smile: And remember its perfectly normal/ ok to be anxious I cried the minute i was put into the hospital bed before every surgery. Its just a scary thing. Best wishes


My family and I will be praying for you. Best of luck!

Good luck. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and I hope you have a speedy recovery :slight_smile: