CT angio accuracy

As probably all the members of the community are aware, the GOLD STANDARD in diagnosing AVMs is Angiogram (Angiography).Of course, before and after treatment, MRI and MRA could be usefull but the acccuracy of Angio for the vessels is unique.
In recent years, a new imaging is in the market: CT angiogram.
Does anybody knows about it’s efficacy?
My son AVM is occluded but he has to go under angio for the monitoring and to see whether there is any remaining.
Can MRA or CT angio be done instead of Angiogram?

I don’t know the answer to this. BUT I did do a quick google search and found the following link-

http://www.csmc.edu/9657.html which specifically lists AVM as one of the conditions this is used for. So it seems like it is an option.

And if you take a look at Lynn Leder’s photo of her son Jarrod’s scan…it looks just like the pics on the site. You may want to check in with her!!!