CT Scans

Has anyone seen on the news how CT in theory can cause cancer from the radiation delivered during one of these. What do you guys think about this since our condition requires us to have a lot CT scans done.

I was concerned too, but if you read the fine print, the head CT scans use much less radiation than the chest, pelvis, etc. CT scans. I was comforted by that. Check out this article for more details.http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/ct-scan-radiation-may-cause-cancers/article1400123/

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i think in this day and age there is really just too much hype on this and that causing cancer…these days they are trying to blame everything for causing cancers…its really getting beyond a joke…and really…you have to have the scan done for diagnostic purposes without treatments and follow ups would be impossible …the amount of time your in the michine is minumal…i mean really i think youve got more chace of getting cancer from the pollutions in the air and the perservitves added to foods …i really wouldnt be concerned…thats my point of view any ways

Sorry to say: CT cause 29,000 cancer

Gerardo ! You may be right but I pray your wrong ( does that sound like a song) lol Because I have spend about 48hrs all toll under x-rays ,ct and gamma . I just had a Pet scan , the third one of those at noon today and before they do the ct they inject you with radiation . So your cancer glows, Wonderful now you tell me. Gordon I still think its better then the seizure I was in for 6 days

Thanks, Anabel, for alerting me to this news, and thanks, Susan, for the link.

While I’m not at the point of being scared, all of this will make me think twice when a doctor requires radiology work done.

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Not a big fan of news headline ‚Äėstudies‚Äô. They tend to have very little credibility in the long run. There are just way too many assumptions involved. It is best to stick with ‚Äėgenerally accepted‚Äô conclusions rather than some biased researcher looking to make news headlines. If you pay attention to these headline news reports of ‚Äėstudies‚Äô they all say something along the lines of "suprisingly, we found that ‚Ķ ". The obscure researcher is just loving the 15min of fame they get.

On the actual measurement side, I do believe it is possible that radiation exposure is higher than expected but it is still well below the widely accepted 100msev level.