Has anyone had any of the above from drinking? I was out and had a few over the weekend and the next day had what I believe to be a panic attack…never ever had one in my life!

Yes, it seems that after a rupture/bleed that it alters your brain chemistry and you react differently to alcohol than before. I had several episodes while and after drinking that made me feel almost looney. The panic attacks are very intense and frightening. It seemed after my surgery that I had some altered mental state as well. I reacted to things in ways that were totally not me or that were severely heightened reactions for me. Albeit, part of it may have been the medications I was on but I still have problems with alcohol now and it has been 11 years since my rupture and surgery. I drink only about 3 times a year and in total moderation because of this.

My body reacts totally different to alcohol now after my bleed/surgery. Initially after I got out of the hospital and recovered a bit more, when I would drink I felt no affects of the alcohol at all. I could “drink like a fish” as the term goes. Now, not so much. If I have more than 2 drinks I feel it much more and yes, the panic attacks happen to me as well. Of course, I can have panic attacks even when I’m not drinking, but I think drinking makes it worse. So now I do limit myself to just 2 drinks. My brain’s already looney enough without the sometimes crazy feelings you can get with alcohol.

It’s hard to say without more details. What were the symptoms you were having that led you to beleive you were having panic attacks? The reason I ask is because for at least a year I was having very odd symptoms that would come on for no reason, last for a relatively short period of time, then I’d be back to “normal”. They turned out to be a type of mild seizure (simple partial) that felt like a combination of deja vu, nausea, confusion and unexplainable fear.

That being said, I beleive that it is also entirely possible that drinking alcohol after developing trouble with an AVM, or after having treatment to remove the AVM can lead to unusual, unexpected symptoms like panic attacks. I know that before my craniotomy, I had more MRIs than I can count and they never bothered me. I have had either 4 or 5 MRIs since my craniotomy and each one of them left me feeling claustrophobic and a bit panicked. It was not enough that I absolutely HAD to get out, but it certainly made for what felt like some very loooooong MRI sessions!

After surgery I thought I was having panic attach and found out they were complex partial seizures…most of the time I dont remember them…but the few times that I do remember it was HORRIBLE!!! Tunnel vision/loss of vision, trouble hearing, getting really warm were the symptoms that I remember having with the few seizures that I do remember. Not saying that you ARE having seizures, I am no doctor, but I would discuss this with your doctor. Even if you are having panic attacks, I hear there are certain medications that can help. Also if you notice that they happen after drinking or while drinking…its simple… STOP! lol. I was never a drinker and dont plan on starting now. From my research many things can bring on different types of seizures…stress, lots of noise, being tired, being sick…and even more
i’d say for you to just talk with your doctor and see what you can do and see if they think it is a panic attack or seizures. then they can put you on meds to help with which ever one it is. Good Luck!