Cyber-Knife vs Gamma Knife

After meeting with my neurosurgeon who leads the cyber-knife team, I am meeting with a neurosurgeon in charge of a gamma knife centre. Just wondering how others have decided between the two?

Hi! Which treatment have you chosen? I am anxious to know which is better for my son's AVM, Cyber-knife and Gammma-knife. Thank you for your suggestions.

hey there I had cyberknife 2 years ago. I wasnt given the option because each sugery affects different ranges Gamma targets a general area and goes after anything within that targeted zone. Cyberknife is more precise and (can if need be) only targets specific tissues. My AVM is deep the brainstem. Its in an area too detrimental for gamma knife (general vicinity so omly certain tissues were in need of eradication. If the avm is in a more open ranged area of the brain gamma can be used Im no dr but that's what i got from the explanation as to why go with one rather than the other