Cyberknife postponed for embolization

Does anyone know if they will be shaving part of my head for the embolization? The nurse said it is similar to the arteriogram I had which went through my groin.

I had 4 embolizations and they do not shave your head. It is like having an arteriogram. Some had problems with hair loss after but i never experienced this. I did not lose any hair until after radiation treatments were done.

Dianne, I just completed my first embolization about 4 weeks ago and am scheduled for my next one in September. They did mine just like the angiogram except I was completely sedated and on the table for about 5 hours. I have lost some of my hair but the Surgeon said this was due to radiation burns caused by them leaving the scope on one area for too long. I guess it all depends on how extensive an embolization they plan on doing?
Good Luck.

Hi Dianne
I wasn’t shaved for my embo but i did lose a good bit of hair at the back but it is all back now - curly and i have straight hair???
I only took about 6 months so don’t worry