Daniel angio results

My friends, Daniel´s angio was yesterday, we just came back from hospital. The results only confirmed he still has some avm, smaller than 8mm doctor said. They will have a meeting on Monday to discuss what is the next step. He said there is no any aneurysm and that now his riks are much smaller. Ok, I understand that but there is more to come then… Ok we can handle that…
Daniel was not happy being still for 8 long hours, he cried, for the first time since it all began. It really breaks your heart. He said he does not wat to do this exam ever. I am thinking about a psicologist for him, to prepare him for what is to come. He is such a good boy, just tell you nice things and very helpful and considerate to everybody. He said he was nervous before the exam and prayed twice…:slight_smile: I love my children so much, God knows that, it is so difficult. I will get my energy back for this battle. We all are winners!! Love to you all.

Awww poor thing, maybe a psychologist is a good idea for both of you before the next step? Dont forget this is stressful for you a well. Lots of hugs and prayers, Jo

Good luck, Erica! Stay strong! It’s perfectly normal for Daniel to be afraid and to dread the angio (I’m 27 and holding still for so long was awful for me, too!). Just keep assuring him that everything will soon be over, and try to think of something to give him to look forward to after the embolization or surgery. I don’t know if a psychologist would really help before his next procedure, since, for me at least, thinking about surgery was very stressful. Like Liam said, it might be better just to get Daniel’s mind off of everything by taking him to do things he enjoys. You might want to ask your surgeon what he thinks, since he probably works with a lot of children who have to go through some difficult times.

Hi Erica i am so pleased that it is so small now. Obviously would be more pleased if it was all gone but we already knew there was some left. I think I agree with everyone else maybe Daniel is to young for psycoligist but again check with the consultant. If you can focus him on something at the end of it that he really would want would be good. But you know your son and only you can decide so stay strong and listen to your heart my friend.

Oh Erica, my heart goes out to Daniel (and you). I am glad that there is no aneurysm, and that the doctor says the risks are lower–that is good news. It is so hard to understand why children have to go through this kind of thing, though. Taking him to a counselor/psychologist is a good idea. This is a lot for anyone to go through–and so much for a child to deal with. I admire your strength, Erica. Daniel is lucky to have you for a mom.

You guys are wonderful! The only friends I have that can really understand the situation. Thank you all for being positive. I know there are much more to be glad of than to cry for. I also take everybody situation into consideration and pray every day for all, I have your pictures in my mind while doing that. Daniel have been to a psychologist before and she was too impressed with his attitude, he said to her: - I know it all, they are going to cut my head open. At that time I thought she was not helping at all. He was fine.

On the night before surgery he knew nothing yet, and out of the blue asked me when it would be, I asked, why? Do you want it to be soon? He sais yes. So I pretended calling the doctor to arrange the surgery to the next day, the actual day. After that, he was happily telling everybody in the house (it was full at that time) his surgery would be next day. I have lots of wonderful “coincidences” that been happening with us since the begining of this avm story. When Daniel was ready with his hospital clothes on, in came a lady that also was going to have surgery, with the happiest smile and sweetest voice I ever heard and blessed him all over.
I am not sure why I am telling you this, the thing is I really feel we have been blessed, even with all this situation. I think I don´t need a psychologist as I make you all mine particular and cheap one…;)) I will check Daniels behaviour and decide if he really needs one. Love you all, wish you were closer to me. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love you too, Erica! Thank you for sharing the story with us.

Hello Erica,
Thanks for sharing all this with us. It gives us the feeling of being able to help you a little bit. We want to with all our hearts. I hope next week will bring good news and Daniel is recuperating fast.
All the best and lots of love from Switzerland. Tell Daniel he is known all over the world!

Yes, Savinder we got to be strong for our kids. It is really a war. Thank you for the prayes and positive thoughts. Hope to hear good news from you soon. Always thinking about you and Sean, prayers coming every day. Lots of love. Hugs to Sean. xxx

Yes Otto, you guys have no idea how you help me. Daniel is great and growing up so quick, he is losing all his clothes and shoes. Will need a new wardrobe very soon. Thank you! Next week I will update of doctor meeting. Take care. xx

I thank you Connie for reading it. Sometimes we feell like writing whatever is in our mind. Take care of yourself, we need you.

Hey i hope things a getting better. I just had mine last week…it took 1hr for me…d the result was good…why does it take 8 hours Daniel? im so sory to hear there is still avm left… i hope Daniel’s getting better…love Rhoda.

Hi Rhoda, it so nice to hear your results are clear. Daniels angio took 1 hour but he had to stay still for 8 hours after, not moving the leg. Daniel is a normal child, with a tiny avm in his brain. Thats the thing with avm pacientes, they are normal. Thank you. xxx