Decisions, Decisions!

Thank you guys for all your help and experienced words of wisdom as you guys know Nikki has a large high flow craniofacial AVM on the right side of her face soft tissue and mandible and Im trying to gather as much info as possible about Dr Richter who treats children in Arkansas & Dr Yakes who uses ethanol as from my research and your comments these are the 2, ( Dr Suen only treats adults) I understand that they are Nikkis best possible hope and there is no right or
wrong decision,Im just torn at the moment, Ive met Dr Yakes in the UK and he is a lovely man who knows everything there is to know about facial AvMs but im also hearing lots of good things coming out of Arkansas who vary the treatments according to individuals .. Help !! George xxx

We have been seeing Dr. Richter for a year after Sofia had been going to Boston for three years since she was born. He has been great with her. She has a right side AVM that includes her ear, eye, lip, tonsil larynx, right cheek and gums. He has been using several types of lasers and embolizations - she had several embo's in Boston. He is aggressive. Last year in November, he did a lip resection and lasers. This year he had to remove her tonils and adnoids as was starting to grow there. We have seen several doctors and to date he is the only one to control the symptoms from growing. He would be waiting for here to get older to try some drug therapy. We had done propranolol for a year in Boston with no success. hope this helps.