Deficits caused by AVM vs. deficits after craniotomy

Hello, again, everyone. I greatly appreciate the feedback some of you have given me on a few posts I have made on here. I would love to add more friends on here, just to be able to know I have someone to ask a question of if one arises.

Many of the discussions and posts I read about detail various deficits people have had, but some do not specify if these deficits occurred as a direct result of the AVM when it initially happened, or if the deficits were a result of their treatment. I am due to have a left parietal craniotomy sometime in the next couple of weeks, and I am wondering what kind of deficits others have experienced AFTER their craniotomy. I am lucky that the AVM has only caused a mild peripheral vision loss in my right eye, which has actually been slowly getting better since my stroke in March. If anyone has any feedback on this, I would greatly appreciate the information.

I have been very blessed and my craniotomy has resolved a lot of the deficits my AVM caused. I had a craniotomy in 2004 to remove a section of my AVM and an embolization to treat the inoperable portion. Pre-craniotomy I had a laundry list of issues due to mini strokes and seizures. It was very difficult to hold down a job because health issues would cause me to lose time at work. Post-craniotomy the deficits are manageable without prescription meds. I had a stroke during the surgery so that complicated things for a couple of months, but with some physical therapy I have full function of my left side again. Still get migraines regularly, but less often than before the surgery. I have some loss of feeling on my left side. Probably the most distracting deficit I have now is when I get stressed out (both physically and mentally) I have difficulty speaking. Kind of weird but I pick up a stutter and get very spacey. I look at that as kind of a good thing. I figure it helps me understand my limitations and identify when I’m trying too hard be “normal”. There are some minor physical ailments due to the craniotomy that I could live without but they don’t have any real negative effect on me, they are just annoying. I think that I have been very lucky because my overall experience with the craniotomy was wonderful. I hope more people are able to have recoveries similar to mine.

my stroke, also in march, caused complete paralysis of the left side. my vision remained normal and i could eat just fine but i sounded drunk when i talked. within the first week after, i could move my leg but with very litte control over where it went. my face went back to normal on its own within a few days. i was told my eye looked enlarged for some reason…?? anyway, i started therapy after about 3 weeks, started walking with a quad cane. i was very strong in my leg but not my arm at all. about a month later i was at home. i was using my cane less in house. i could hobble very short distances.
a month later i had the crani. i woke up wth literally no feeling on the left side. i couldnt move anything but my eye and least before i could feel the pain of someone touching my skin, even barely touching me. i woke up, absolutely no movement or feeling. my leg felt too heavy, my arm was just in the way and every joint felt like it had been crushed. i started ot and pt, inpatient. amazingly, my arm was so much more better than pre-crani. i even clenched my hand into a fist after about 2 weeks of therapy. it was the first time i moved my fingers since my stroke. but walking, its still difficult 2 months post crani. my hip is in constant pain, my lower back is always kinked. o, ive also gained a few fears. extreme vertigo, even sitting down. motion sickness too.but i should mention that currently im 8 months pregnant so im hoping that after i drop the weight from having the baby i will b able to acheive more. im told, however, that after the first 3-6 months ofa trauma that causes paralysis or deficits, the gains r pretty much non-existent so that has me depressed. the crani was my first setback, i feel like without it i would b so close to 100% by now. then last month i had to stop therapy because of my pregnancy, ill continue the pause for a few weeks after having the baby, prolonging progress and the time statistics say i have to obtain gains. i dont think ill ever walk on my own again or hold my own baby without assistance. and im pretty sure my fiance is fixing to leave…does that count as a deficit?