Depression and Anxiety

I'm just curious as to if anybody has depression/anxiety related to their AVM's? I have wondered for about 3 years now as too whether I may have either of these but have never gone to get checked out. My doctor back in high school thought I may have had depression because of the signs and my past AVM but I never went back with the test... Do you or anyone you know have either of these related with your AVM? For the past couple of months I have been really nervous about everything, always tired and have muscle pains.


Hi Alicia. I did a search on here for you…
If you decide to get tested you really need to be examined by someone who specializes in brain injuries. Please keep us posted!

Hi Alicia,
From what I understand both depression and anxiety can stem from having an AVM and there are many members on here that were diagnosed with just that but it is not necessarily always the case and can certainly stem from other things. But hey, I'm no doctor. :)

Barbara is so right when she says that you need to get checked by someone who understands AVMs. What we're finding is that while most doctors have heard of it (AVMs), they are certainly not qualified to treat it. There is a great link on here to get good Doctor recommendations in your area on the main page if you haven't found it already. Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes!

In the past year, I've found out that I also have Depression and Social Anxiety. It appears that the AVM magnified these things. They were there before, but now it's worse. While I don't like having these problems, I've been going to a psychologist and trying to improve things.

It was working good, but today I pulled another schedule screwup with two things at one time. I was driving to one appointment when he called me and asked where I was. Some problems just get worse.

hi alicia

i have my avm when i was 4 years old and now i am 24... i have had alot of problems with aniexty and depression. When you had a avm and have surgery it can mess with your mind... please let me know how u are doing

Hello Alicia, before my surgery I was very laid back, and easy going person I knew!! After my brain surgery, I was very anxious and depressed. Through time and medication for depression, I am so much better & am slowly being weaned off the anti-depressents. My anxiety is just about gone, thank God. It has taken time and I also went to a physcholist which help me very much. Take care & all the very best to you! xx

Hi Alicia - I just posted something on Manux's discussion board, but to restateiterate, any kind of loss of your old self will cause you to feel the grieving process; however, if it's something from before, it might be a good idea to check with a couple of docs. Julie