My doctor has me on 100mg of Dilantin morning/afternoon/night. Does anyone know why they want me to take it 3 times day, because most people take all three before bed? What’s the difference?

I was like you and started out on 300mg(minimum dose) right before bed,then they changed it to 150mg morning and night,to even out the dosage.
That was pre op,now im on diff medication post operation…
It makes better sense to me to have it evenly distributed then one big dose at once…
Take care ,Theo :slight_smile:

I agree with stacey on this,Dilantin may be old but has proved itself worthy over the years.
Its the anti convulsive i was put on when first diagnosed with my avm and over that 13month period i was on it, i never had any seizures…

Thanks everyone that makes sense.

I remember when I first started taking it I had hot/cold flashes like crazy and couldn’t sleep at all. I still do not sleep as well. Also I had to have my liver psl or something tested because of the side effects on the liver.
But I don’t think it would be wise not to take it so monitor your side effects and talk to your doctor (if they listen!!!)


Make sure you drink lotsa water everyday while taking it,i have always since i started taking any meds for this avm had liver & kidney function tests done every few months to see if its damaging them in any way,so far its been good.
I highly recommend you do the same.
Take care,Theo :slight_smile: