Met my husband 20 years ago! We were together 6 years before we got married! Got married in a church; full Catholic Mass. Had 6 kids together, married 15 years last June I had avm rupyure in 09, This year n June he moved my things to my parent’s home and filed for divorce–Although everyonr says I’m better off !without a man like that! I miss the companionship and company I don’t see myself as a hot date anymore! What happens to me when my parents pass? Its not the money…I am due a small pension! My children are minors-- I still provide most of their care, what a heavy cross!
thanks friends for letting me bare my soul

Nicole…He’s not helping with the kids either?? Are they living at your parents as well? Regardless, go after him in court, don’t even think differently. If you see a therapist, they can help you get through your divorce…I thank God that I had a therapist when I was divorced.

You can make it, Nicole…that I know for sure…you are a very strong lady! Just remember, your kids will remember what a great Mom they have and what their father did…they will never forget that…

You have wonderful parents and kids…just 1 bad apple! You know what pay backs do… Keep the Faith! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


Nicole, I’m so saddened to hear what you are going thru and please bare your soul with your AVM family anytime you wish!!! That is why we are all here --> to help eachother in any way we can!!! And YOU are more than a hot date - YOU are a very special lady who has persevered thru so much and there will be a beautiful rainbow for you at the end of this road you are traveling. Give your pain and troubles to Jesus and he will pave the way to a beautiful place for you.

Please reach out to us anytime you need a friend - we’re here for you!!!


I’m so sorry, you have to go through this. But remember god is always with you don’t think that you Are alone on this. Please don’t think in the future of your parents, enjoy your kids and parents right know. I know is easy to said but the avm is like we were reborn again, it is a new journey for us but have faith my friend don’t give up please think in your little ones. I know it hurts that your partner, but you have to remember that your kids needs you. You will see in the future somebody special will show up for you. God bless my friend and tried to be strong have faith.

Riddance, that I can do So much better than that loser anyway! she told me I’m the lucky one! Time will tell…My children except for my 2 oldest sons are here with me, and they are safe and loved ! So that’s most important to me ! And I got a friend in jesus!

May God’s love surround and enfold you and your children at this time.

Take care,