Dizziness -is there anyone similiar to me?

Just before xmas i went into a coma ,i was in a specialist neurosurgical unit in derriford hospital .i am now home ,but i am permently dizzy .This is the worst thing that i am very limited in what i am able to do .But i would like to know if anyone else is in a this sort of situation ? my condition is up and down and can change in a second ,but i am never able to walk unaided outside ( in the house i have got used to everything i think a bit like a blind person ) i stagger and bump into walls knowing where everything is. Has anyone got any input into how the future looks or anyhting really . if you have any questions ,feeel free to send me a message. thanks tina

Hi Tee, I feel like I have had a couple shots of whisky. I used to say I felt dizzy but it is more like a buzzed feeling.

thANKS FOR the reply brett , have you had a gamma knife used on you?