DM Update

Hi All, just to let you all know DM is doing really well at this stage. She is not on the ventilator or the feed tube. Her blood pressure has only gone up once and has been stable for the last 5 or so hours. DM seems to have right side weakness, e.g. right pupil in her eye is fully dilated (CT scan done to check and all ok), she can't seem to move her right hand or fingers and struggles to lift her leg off the bed also. Another thing which has affected her is her speech, it is currently very slurred and she is getting very frustrated trying to get the words out. DM also at this stage has only left facial movement but it all seems to be improving as the hours march on. But the operation has been a success and she is now AVM free!!.

Will update you again tomorrow.


Hello Catherine, my husband had simular symptoms and 4 months later back to work part time. Still in therapy but improvement everyday! Numb on the right side still, but speech is back.

Hang in there! you will be amazed at her progress!

AVM free, Yay, Look forward to the updates… ")

Hi Karen, that's fantastic to hear. They seem to be a bit concerned about the speech this morning also so she is heading down again for another CT scan. I guess we will know more when the speech therapist goes to see her today. I know she is a real fighter and very strong and I am sure she will do everything she can possibly do to move forward in leaps and bounds.

Knowing how hard the team works, DM is under the best possible care. I reckon she will be giving them ‘what for’ as she improves each day. Physio’s will get stuck in, to look at any suspected deficits. Thanks for keeping us posted. Tone