DM update

Hi all, DM has had another really good day. She is now off the steroids and her speech is coming along nicely, much better than yesterday. Nothing too much to report, she is getting very emotional and says she is just sad, why, I haven't really worked out yet. It may be she doesn't want her neices and nephews seeing her this way and listening to her try to talk I don't really know. She got upset and started to cry which sent the alarms off due to the blood pressure rising but the nurse calmed her down. I feel like she is getting really really frustrated. Anyway that's it for now....oh yeah and Prof Morgan mentioned this morning if she contiues doing so well they might send her up to the ward tomorrow. Yep...shocked....that's my sister, nothing holds her down too long.

That's about it for now.



As DM comes off the steroids, and the brain swelling and nerve endings kick back, the trauma of what she has been through will cause a myriad of emotions to go through her head. Sadness, anger, frustration, confusion will all come up, in varying degrees - its the norm. Even as we progress, remember that DM should take baby steps. As time goes by she may also experience the 'two steps forward, one step back' days. Its all a part of the recuperation period. Stay positive for each other, in the knowledge that she will be her wonderful self again sooner than you think.


I agree with Tony! My husband cried at everything , he is still a more emotional person after almost 6 months. It is very normal.I know how hard it is on you too but keep in mind she won't remember "any" of this. My husband barely remembers being in Rehab for two weeks, and nothing about the 30+ days in the hospital. A blessing for them, I kept asking the nurse for some of his drugs so I wouldnt remember it either :) Sounds like she is progressing great!

Stay strong!


My husband was also very emotional and wondered at times why he got so upset and cried, he never did that before. I totally believe it's part of the healing and coming off certain drugs or even being on certain drugs. I know it will get better for you both.


Marie & Steve

Hi Catherine,

So pleased that DM is slowly on the mend,mood swings and all,unfortuatly that is all part and parcel of after affects of the OP.Just take it day to day and watch the improvements. Please say Hi to her for me and I hope to meet up with you all one day soon. Toodles Gay