DM Update

Hi All,

Just a quick one today because nothing much to report. DM is doing exceptionally well. She had her first coffee and followed with soft foods last night. Still emotional but as you all have said that is pretty normal. Her speech has improved again but still no movement in her right hand. Tony, thanks so much for your visit last nite, it was great to hear about yourself and others operations and recovery. Thanks for all your support.



DM looked great last night - tired , of course, but thats normal when some guy rocks up towards the end of a long day, and sets off the High Blood Pressure Alarms -boy, those ICU staff can get narky sometimes!

You don't need to thank me for visiting - I want to thank your family for allowing me to pop by - damn it, she looks better than i did, at the same point last year. Go figure ...

It will be good when DM goes to the ward and more can visit - she will then realise how 'normal' she is.

It was terrific meeting so many of DMs support network. Keep it up.