Do be aware of "Deficit" related injuries

Once in a while, i drop things. Well often really, but i dont carry around heavy stuff, as I cant. Its usually silly stuff. I have a very bad judgment when it comes to setting an object down and distance of things.

On July 3rd, i was putting a bottle of champagne that i bought for a party in the fridge. Well I missed the shelf and it fell on my middle toe. It hurt a lot but so does anytime we knock our toe on something, we all know that. However, i looked down and realised my toe was coming off. SO yes, I cut my toe off!! not vertically like a cut, but horizontally, the nail and half my toe attached to it. GROSS i know I am sorry, i guess that's too much info, but however, that really made me think that this is a real danger.... to really hurt ourselves from whatever deficit we have!!

For such a long time, i would only think of "dont fall the stairs" or "Dont cut your finger off (ah ironic)" (my right hand doesnt work very good) or obvious things like that.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all to really know your deficits or area of weakness and never be too careful!! I KNEW that i drop things, yet i took for granted it would always land on the floor and never land on my toes... I still cant believe a bottle of champagne did this. The nail will not grow back so I am thinking to get a champagne glass tattooed on it... hahaha it will take away from the very weird looking toe. Its amazing how they could fix most of it tho.
Sorry If i grossed you out... Please do know your limits and be careful!

Oh my Heavens! I've dropped things on my foot too, as most people have, and I never had that happen. What a fluke - to land just right to do that much damage to your toe. I bet you said (or thought) a few choice words, didn't you (smiles)?

That is wonderful advice. I have a tendency of not paying close enough attention to what I'm doing either, till it's too late. Then I could kick myself in the but because, I should know better.... lol


Sorry you have yet another new 'ouch' to mend. :(
Yes, our deficits are something to be aware of.
My left hand is weak & numb, so I have to 'remind' myself of this when picking up heavier objects & focus on what I'm doing.
Also, on days when dizziness is worse, I have to be extra careful when walking down the stairs outside or the uneven ground of the yard.
It's always something!' ;)

That's how I felt and Yes I did say a few words hahaha same word I use when i "bump" my toe. hahaha I didnt screamed or cry or panic, but i did say that word a few times. haha

Its so easy to forget these things!!!

Yes, its always something that is for sure!! It amazes me sometimes how different it can be from one day to the next!

Amen to that! It amazes me too how things can change from one day to the next. Each time I THINK I have it figured out as to why, my body/head throws a monkey wrench in my idea. Ugh.

The first few hours in the morning seem to be my best time to get things done without many complications. After that, it's all hit and miss. Or.. trial and error as some would say (smiling).

How is your toe doing (it's 8:00 pm now)? What did the dr say? Does he think it'll heal ok? Or... Didn't you go to the dr's.?


I've had so many accidents over these five years. I also misjudged where the counter was a dropped a 3 pound package of frozen chicken on my toe. I only broke mine, not nearly as bad as yours! I've fallen down the stairs twice, no terrible injuries, just some nasty bruises. I've started two fires in my house. Both minor and thankfully my husband was home. These were both because of my sight defecit where I've dropped something on a burner or in the oven and didn't see it. So good words of advice dandelion. And I do hope your toe feels better soon!!