Do headaches ever end?

Hi everyone,

Its been over 2 years since my bleed and over two years of constant non-stop headaches. It's definitely a tension headache. It feels like someone is squeezing the back of my head. IT NEVER STOPS!!!! I feel like I am losing my mind ( I guess, technically, I've lost a little already when they removed the AVM) I don't know why the back of my head hurts. The AVM was in the right frontal lobe. I also get migraines in addition to the constant tension headache. I have been to multiple doctors who all INSIST that the headaches have nothing to do with my craniotomy or AVM. Common sense tells you if you have not headaches. Then you have brain surgery and a constant headache for 2 years after, there must be a correlation between the headaches and the surgery. I am at a point where I cannot take it anymore. I makes me seriously depressed. I cannot live in constant pain.

They prescribe painkillers. Most don't work. the only thing that works is Excedrin, but it is very addictive and horrible for you, and I don't want to have to keep taking it. It's probably gonna give me kidney failure or something like that..

Does anyone else have constant headaches after a craniotomy? Is this normal? Is there anything that can help?

Hi Mary Kate. You might find this link interesting especially the section about food…
I just worked with a woman who’s has had headaches for years and changed her eating habits and no longer has migraines. Google the migraine diet and see if it will help with your situation.

Thanks. I am aware of the trigger foods. I have not been able to find any connection between my headaches and my diet I have migraines in addition to this other headache that never goes away which I am sure is related to the craniotomy. The migraines are not the problem. It is the other headache

Hi Mary-Kate. It probably is related to the surgery or has something to do with scar tissue. Have you tried a pain management clinic? Or acupuncture? Keep searching for the right answer.

Ever since my bleed and the the following Gamma Knife I have always had headaches. Could be due to the scar tissue following Gamma Knife or just the AVM site even though it is now sealed.
I think it could be either or both?
Anyway I need painkillers at least twice a day sometimes have to take the maximum dose for the day.

Alot of tmes if painkillers dont work its a nerve issue or migraine. something like neurontin or lyrica would be used for that kind of pain. Even cymbalta, an antidepressant. Excedrin works great for muscle tension type headaches but can cause rebound headaches if taken too often. I'm about 2 1/2 yrs post op and I have head pain almost everyday to some degree. Hormones even play a big role. I'd keep trying doctors untill you find one that will listen to you. Your right, there has to be some reason your getting these pains after surgery, that you didnt have before. Dont give up.

Hi Mary-Kate

I have had headaches my entire life pretty much 24/7 365 days a year...they have differed in pain levels from dull to pretty bad, pain killers only left me feeling stoned and sleepy, limiting not only life quality but ability to work & spend time with my family. (I was taking upwards of 10-12 extra strength tylenol daily so I could function and NOT take the pain meds)almost 2 years ago (may 2010) my neurosurgeo prescribed me a lower dose of lamotragine (sp?) as he has had success with other patients using it at the lower dose to treat headaches in AVM patients. it ios normally used for seizures. I have been basically headache free since shortly after I started taking it...may be worth a mention to yur doc?