Do you also have?

Hi everyone avmsurvivors brothers and sisters

I have a question for you.First of all i had 2 embo’s after craniotomy, lobotomy everything and many other surgery’s that i dont know what they considered i cannot name them.So after 3 years i still get these headaches i used to have after the embo’s and i was wondering do you also have them? I am some times afraid another bleed or seizure is coming although i am avm free.

Hi Nikolaos My dr did tell me last year that my headaches might never go away. I’m not avm free yet, and so I don’t know for sure yet if he will be right or not. I do have daily headaches and like all of us some days are really bad. Best of luck!!!

my doctor said the wound is so big that it will ‘give’ me some pains!

My Craniotomy was on 04/11/08 an In that period I had like four embolizations… between those months …I had strong headaches…I did not realized that yesterday it was already one year that I had surgery… But my Neurologyst change my medications and the strong headaches went away know is only slight headaches… I still have slight headaches, I’m afraid also to have another bleed…I also have on aneurysm, so if I’m under stress one of the other can affect me…Good luck and god bless…

I had a craniotomy on 11/7/09. I have had headaches every day since then. My dr said some people never have headaches and some people will have them for life. The weird thing is that the AVM was in the right frontal lobe, but the headaches are in the back of my head, not where the incision is. My dr said there is muscle damage from the incisiion that doesnt heal b/c tyou’re continuously using muscles in your head to eat/talk/hold ut head up. He also said they were tension headaches which doesnt make much sense because i never had a tension headache before the surgery. Good Luck!!