Does accupuncure work?

hi dear friends,my sons hand is slowing down with progress and he has had his therapys cut down due to funding,does anyone know if accupuncture works on the hand and fingers???

I actually had my first session of acupuncture today. I have to say it was a really weird experience. I had the needles in my hands, feet and head and ears. As of right now the appointment was 8 hours ago and I feel no better, and I feel really tired. But they did explain to me that it would take several sessions. Also insurance does not pay for the acupuncture sessions so it is pretty costly. I think every one of my appointments will be 100 us dollars. I am going in hopes of it helping with my headaches…I have herd nothing but good things from people that go there for headaches. They say it really does work…so I have my fingers crossed. I will be sure to let you know if I have any success with it.

hi brittany thankyou very much,it will cost me too and as we also get no help finacially i need advice first.krays fingers are so weak im trying to think of ways to help them come back for him.they neuro department recon its the first year of progress that gives you the knowledge what will be back and the stuff that doesnt come back,and now they have cut down his therapies!!! thankyou againxxxx