Does anyone else take antidepressant/s meds while having an AVM?

I take lexapro 20 mgs and am just wondering if its safe to be on any kind of medication with an AVM and If anyone else takes it and how they feel about it. Because sometimes when I miss a dose and then I take it again I feel unexplainably weired in my head and sometimes I just want to stop taking it just to make sure I don't bleed...But I wanna se other peoples opinions...I also quit taking my Adderall (ADHD medication) because one day my neck felt too stiff and my head hurt and it scared me so I stopped But I want to know If medications are bad or not...thanks.

Chelsea...I also still am on Lexapro, before my AVM was found and still am now! My doctors new I was on it and said it wasn't a problem...If you would like to talk about it....Send a Message! Stay strong!

My doctors were about to put me back on Adderall right before they found my AVM and once they found the AVM they decided not to, now they have me on an herbal medication for my ADHD because they felt it was safer, I would ask your doctors about it just to be safe. If you have any questions you can message me

Chelsea, my daughter takes Lexapro, the doctors said it was ok, she also takes anti seizure meds with it Keppra, and they've said it would be fine to take it together. She is fine . Check with your doctors see how they feel about it in your case. We were told long as her blood pressure is low, wich is very low thank God, she should have no problem with the bleeding. Are you going to have any treatment scheduled?

I was taking 60mg for Prozac and Ativan prn. When I was diagnosed I decreased my dose to 20mg. With the amount of antiepileptic that I'm on I would never wake up if I didn't decrease.

thanks. thats nice to know :) because honestly I stopped taking it because i was scared and after 5 days i went insane so i satrted taking it again yesterday...and WOAH...i dont know about you gives me the craziest graphic most realistic dreams that are so real that if i get punched in the face or something i can actually feel the pain while asleep that happens...especially when i take it after missing a dose or more..does that happen to you? like your inside a videogame? or a random persons giant beautiful mansion and awsome stuff? and lots of color? most of the time? lol...maybe its just me...

ok :)

Hmm...I used to take depakote for "bi polar" but It made me feel like a robot that listens to what people tell me what to do...and I hated that so much so I stopped to be free again. Im supposed to be seeing the nurosurgeon in janurary...but I feel like its a long time...and Im paranoid about my avm rupturing before i have surgery...Ive never had a rupture before...(not that i know of because Ive heard you can bleed tiny tiny bleeds without knowing)Im scared because I dont know what it will feel like if that happened. I dont know what a seizure feels like either...and when it comes to psychological mind trips like that Im extremely weak and helpless and hopeless...and I dont want that feeling never.

Hi, I had been on antidepressants for 3 years before they found that I had an AVM and now 6 months after having a crani and the AVM removed I am still on them but now I am also on anti seizure medication as well and blood pressure medication. So I don't think you have to worry about it. You need to be very careful with taking yourself off medications because it can end up having a worse effect than being on them.
Well I was waiting to have my operation I used to be scared that I would have a bleed but use to tell myself well it hasn't bleed in the last 46 years so the chance that it is going to bleed in the next little while are slim.
Take care and talk to your doctor before taking yourself off any medications
Best of luck
Kia Kaha (stay strong)