Does anyone know anything about the Walk-Aide?

The Walk-Aide is something that helps stroke patients walk easier. (It was featured in StrokeSmart)I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has used it? I still walk with a slight limp and if this could help, I might look into it, but if it is for people who are further behind than I am, then I would like to know. Any knowledge would be helpful, thanks! :slight_smile:


Am not familiar with Walk-Aide, but am wondering if the local neuro/stroke rehab units near you may have experience with it and could offer info??


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Thanks, I will check with them, that is something I haven’t done yet.

Stroke survivor & Author, Julia Fox-Garrison demonstrates her use of walk-aide @
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Thank you, I have watched several of the videos now.

Hey Kimberly,
Julia said she’d be happy to address questions re: her experience with the Walk-Aide @ her web contact
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: