Does anyone know more about atonic seizures?

My doctor tells me these are the new type of seizures I’m experiencing, but everything I’ve read on the internet does not seem to match what happens to me? Could they be experienced differently? Does anyone else have these seizures and can feel them coming on?

i suffer from tonic clonic siezures…but they begin as atonic siezure before develop into tonic clonic…i will be just sitting or standing and sudenly a inetense feeling of nauesea develops followed by cold and hot clammy sweats …then all tone in my body dissappers and i become weak and limp and colapse and eyes roll back into my head… the only warning i have thatone is coming is the feeling of being sick and clammy hot and cold sweats before hand …this ussually gives me enough time to sit and get myself safe incase it turns into a tonic clonic siezure and i begin to fit