Does anyone live in Austin Tx

I would love to know if there are any avm survivors in Austin Texas. And who is your neurosurgeon. Mine is Dr. Stanly Kim.

Hi RoxAnne,

I went to the Members page, clicked on Advanced Search, and typed in Austin, TX for city/state. It came back with 9 or 10 names.

I think you can send them a private message as well.

Ron, KS

Ok thanks!! :slight_smile:

You are a lucky girl actually! Our fearless leader Ben is from Austin. So chances are you will be able to meet up with him at some point. I beleive they have had a few get togethers in the general area there and most likely will have more. Always be sure to ck the "Events" box to see if there is anything going on. And of course feel free to be a party planner yourself and set a time and place for people to meet!


Hi Shalon!! it nice to meet you. thank so much for the advice I will defiantly look in to that. Do you live in Austin? Hope all is well with you.

Hi Roxanne!

Currently I live in Leander Texas but I had two houses in Cedar Park, and South Austin before that. I LOVE Austin and came here because of UT. I did my AVM surgery with Dr. Arnold Vardiman in SA but I'm looking for a closer neurosurgeon that understands AVMs. Granted my surgery was in 2006, I still want to keep an eye on things. Can you tell me about Dr. Stanley Kim? Thanks, and best of luck to you always. :J

Hi Suzy I also live in Cedar park!! Small world!! Well Dr Kim is known to be one of the best neurosurgeons in Austin I highly recommend him. I've had three surgeries with him and each time my avm has got smaller. I'm currently pregnant and watched closely. My avm is 99% gone but there may still be residuals. anyway I recommend Dr Kim, and his crew the only thing is that they don't take United Health Care. They are working on it, but not yet. I hope the best for you as well!!

I have been wondering the same thing. I live in south Austin and work in north Austin. I was just diagnosed a month ago when I had a stroke. I am due to get another CT scan in the next two weeks, as the blood is hiding the avm and they can't see exactly what is going on. I don't know if it is obliterated yet. I had a gorgeous neurosurgeon at Brackenridge Hospital, but he did not have to do surgery as the hemorrhage stopped on its own. I now see Dr. Fraim, who is a neurologist. I hope I get good news and that I do not need to see Dr. Handsome again. I can't remember his name but he was tall with dark curly hair. I was lucky to only be out of work for two weeks and have some trouble typing and writing, but they are much improved. Good to know about Dr. Kim. But the important question is, is he good looking? I'm just kidding. I'm middle-aged and happily married.

Both of you may wish to join the Southwest group:

Heya Scooterbyrd,

I envy that you live in South Austin. I used to have a house right off Brodie Lane many moons ago but migrated up to north Austin and somehow ended up in Leander in a place in used to call Bum**** Texas. Leanderthals… lol. It’s a long story.

An AVM was discovered in my cerebellum in 2006 and had the surgery to remove it near the end of the year. Wow Dr. Handsome. At least you didn’t saw McDreamy or McSteamy… wait he died on the show. Finding it in the cerebellum and saying it was next to my brain stem, I didn’t want to mess around so at the time my choice was either Dallas or San Antonio. I chose San Antonio since I was born and raised there. Ok, enough about me. This site is awesome if you haven’t figured that out already. Each AVM journey is a unique one, but we have almost 5000 members on here and everyone has their own journey. On the main page is a box for dr. recommendations (or even a second opinion if you ever want one). There are resources here, and best of all, these people are more than willing to help. No need to reinvent the wheel and we should never be at the whim of doctors for any reason. It should be the other way around (ok stop it Suzy…). There are groups here under the group tab on the main page that you may wish to join (I think Dancermom already pointed that out). Just tons of stuff. If you ever need any help navigating… just holler. If I don’t get to it, someone else surely will. If I never said it before welcome! :J

Hi Folks, So good news me and my prego belly are doing great!! I'm in my third trimester and I have had a few headaches. I have lots of faith and I know we will be just fine. Also I wanted to let all y'all know that Dr. Kim now excepts United Health care Yay!!! I have been fighting those insurance company's for years so I can can see him. Well after the last embolization in Sept 2,2011 my speech has gotten much better. Every once in a while I still have some speech spells that last about 10 min or so and the words come back and I can talk normally again. But other than that I'm great!! Hope every out there is finding a cure and prayer for all of you and hope the best for you all!!

Super Hurrah!!!

Dear Roxanne, though I am in the Houston area, my daughter goes to UT and I have met other AVM survivors in the Austin area. Besides our founder Ben, and Suzy whom has posted here, there is a wonderful young lady in Westlake I have met several times. If you like send me a email message and I will share her name with you. Blessings! James

I know I’m a few years late in this conversation, but I am a recently diagnosed AVM survivor in Austin. Do y’all still keep in touch or get together?

Join this group, Kelly:

Yes, the Texans have get-togethers sometimes.