Does AVMs give you DP/DR symptoms?

I’ve been experiencing DP/DR for more than 3 months now. I got an MRI done and they said i had an AVM that i need to get a gana knife operation done. Ive been taking Keppra as my dr. Said i may be experiencing seizers. I just want to know if anyone is going through the same. I feel like life is not real, i’m in a dream i just want the day to get over and come back to realtyy. I feel like i’m forgeting certain things. I don’t know if its anxiety or something to do with my AVM. :frowning:


My opinion, if it helps…

A cerebral AVM, depending on where it is in your head and what it might be over pressurising or slightly starving could bring almost any neurological effect. However, my experience with mine is that it is completely possible to worry too much about it and induce all sorts of symptoms or exaggerate symptoms in the mind that my best approach to it is to keep busy, do stuff that is interesting to you, whether that is work or a hobby or whatever. An empty mind fills with bad stuff if you’re not feeling 100%.

If you focus on it, it will overtake you. If you put it out of mind and keep engaged in normal life as best you can, many things will fade away.

Hope that helps. I hope others will pitch in with their thoughts, too.



Yes it did!! Thanks a lot for the motivation and advice. It really helps and makes me understand it more. Thanks again. Have a good day :slight_smile:


Finding out about your AVM is certainly a shock that it sounds like you are still coming to terms with. I certainly get what you are saying about life not feeling “real” anymore. In time you will come to terms with your new reality and as was discussed on another post, your medication could be having an impact on your mood, but so could your anxiety.
I completely agree with Richard’s advice. Keep busy doing things that occupy your mind and/or give you pleasure. Deal with your situation but try not to dwell on it. This will get easier in time as you gain practice in turning your thoughts away from the negative and focus on the positive.


Thank you so much :heart::heart::heart: