Double vision

Hi- I’ve had double vision since the bleed. It doesn’t seem to be improving and the neuro-opthalmologist is pessimistic about it. I am curious to hear if anyone else has had this issue, treatment or improvement? Thanks…

Hey, Liam-
Yes, I take clonazepam regularly, but its a pretty low dose. I’ve had the double vision from even before I started taking that & I swear the radistactic surgery made it worse…its a good point, though. I’ll be sure to ask the doctor about it next time. Thanks!

You are so right. I was worried about necrosis and convulsions but their were other side effects i didn’t consider. My right eye definitely sees differently than the left. The color is different and the “aim” of the eye is different.

The deafness must be tough. No luck on hearing aids at all?

LOL! That’s a great benefit- when my partner snores i have to put a plug in one ear and sleep on the other, too!!

Thanks for the laugh- have to sign off now. Have to stack firewood! Sounds rustic, eh? We’re stocking up on the wood since oil is so expensive. Winter’s coming!
Stay well.