Double Vision

I have had double vision since my bleed in July 2010 and as yet have not noticed any changes or improvement. Has anyone experienced double vision and furthermore, have you experienced improvement?

Hi Lizbot!
Yes, I too had double vision after my surgery at the end of 2006 and I still have it today. It has improved slightly but definitely has not gone away. Perhaps it’s because of these prisms I’m still wearing? I went to a regular eye doctor last year and the only thing he could tell me was that my vision was affected by my age…lol. Um, ok. Interesting discussion though…thanks for starting it. I’d be interested to see what others have to say. Take care of yourself!

hi liz,

I hope you are well my vision is statring to improve i no longer see double vision when looking up or staight ahead only when looking down. Its not perfect but defo improving

Hi. Have had 2xvision since shortly after avm surgery and DRs. say should clear up on own as result of surgery. However it's been since 07 Nov, now 01 DEC. Are Dr.s guessing? Now they think a month?

Anyway, would like to read about timelines from 2xvision and it dissapates. This, fortunately, is my only issue. But it's mine.

after 20+ years with double vision, I have found a doctor at the MAYO Hospital in Minnesota that is able and willing to help me!! I am scheduled for this procedure next month. It is in and out the same day, but I do have to stay in town (a hotel with my husband waiting on me hand and foot!! I can manage that part!!)

I have had prisms in my glasses, unable to do much night driving because lights really bothered me, and I hate to admit this part, but the older I got, the harder it was to live with!! But there is a light at the end of this tunnel!!

THanks for all your input as I too have double vision bu have been told nay its not the avm....well, my most recent dr is not discounting it and having my ct angiogram as he feels I am too sympatic. Love this site and your input....such a blessing to be able to speak with those who get it.


Hi Lizbot,

Try visiting a neuro-opthomologist if you have not already. All my dr's seem to think that the 2x vision is a result of the surgery I had to remove AVM in Nov.? We will see. So far it is the only thing that really holds me back. Good Luck!

Hey Lizbot - I had double vision - and had eye surgery on my left eye because somehow it got crossed in all of the AVM-burst hoopla...I see much better now, though. As long as I don't move, I can focus on things, and everything is perfect!

It wasn't the AVM directly or treatment of that. But following one of the Embos, the DRs saw an aneurysm on the films. The surgeon said where he'd have to go in was NEAR the area that controls vision. He stressed he was not even remotely going to touch it, but he warned that sometimes, just being in the vicinity, the double vision can occur. He assured us it would be temporary, but he would NOT say what temporary meant.

When she came to in ICU, she opened both eyes, which focused on me fine. Then she blinked and one eye was 45 degrees crossed. Double vision. Wife's double vision was one image higher than the other, so she never knew which image was the real one, making it impossible to walk on uneven surfaces.

The Drs solution: Wear an eye patch over one eye, and be sure to alternate eyes every day so they each stay strong.

After one month, she was beginning to doubt "temporary". Then one morning she woke up, and her vision was back to normal! No other problems since.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi Lizbot,
I've had double vision since my surgery of 3/9/10 in the thalamus (near brainstem).
It has improved somewhat on its own, but is still not 'right' and I've adapted to the changes.

Hey Ron - I had that cute little eye patch, that your wife had.

I'm pretty sure that the inpatient rehab. hospital was a little shocked when I used the eye-patch as a foundation for my pirate costume - it was convenient for Halloween. My doc. promised me his fake parrot to wear on my shoulder.

Plenty of lemonade!

Totally hear you on adapting.

I don't know the name of the surgery (I'm not aware if there is one), but what my eye guy did was clip the inside and outside muscles.

As far as driving, I have no issues with driving vision-wise , and I don't get, if I could not worry about other cars smashing into me on busy roads, I'd be all set!

You should look for a neuro-optometrist or a behavioral optometrist that offers vision therapy. There are different exercises and activities that they can offer that help the work together simotaniously again. I am an occupational therapist as well as an AVM survivor. This has worked well for me and I have also used this type of intervention with my patients that have a traumatic brain injury. I still read with one eye closed but I think that is out of habit. I still get very tired when I read.

I my experience the time estimate that dr’s give is almost always longer by a long shot. And they do not give you any good info on how to improve function. The key to not having double vision is having your eyes work together simotaniously. Look for a neuro-optometrist

Or a behavioral optometrist that offers vision therapy. Also check out

Sorry! No improvement. Mine is so bad that I need to shut one eye! Sometime, people say I have a lentil fog up but it's not fog up, it's permanent!

Can you tell me what procedure you had at Mayo to correct your double vision? Back in 1993 when I got double vision after my second Gamma Knife they said they couldn’t help me. Thank-you!