Double vision

My son has been symptom free for almost a year. He had his avm removed in April 2012. He was having double vision after surgery but with time and eye exercises it went away. Today he informed me he was seeing double again, it has happened twice. He also said that sometimes when he is taking notes and looks up to the board everything is a blur. Has anyone else had this? I will be calling both his Dr's tomorrow but should I be alarmed?

I had surgery almost 3 months ago, so not as long as your son, and I have double vision that intensity comes and go. I am not alarmed because the surgery is still so recent and I am dealing with a lot of other post surgery deficits, but i think talking to your Doctor is the best! By the way, I am so glad your son AVM is gone :)

Thanks for your input. I hope the months ahead lead to improvement on your vision. I know I am blessed with a wonderful son who is my world and I am glad the AVM is gone...

Thank you :) Other than the vision, how as he recovered so far?